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Alice's World - V0
Member: ZE4Alyon
Words: Alyon Oschger




Lay your body next to mine

Lay your weary head to rest

Feel the earth begin to slide

Then lets leave here for awhile


Feel – these – touch me feelings – coming over me

Dream, baby dream, dream with me


Celestial landscapes, seven spheres of mystery

Spread your wings and fly with me


Let it loose and let it down

Let it soothe and let it out

Keep it pure and natural

Me and you in Alice's World


There's a hole in the ground in the land of obscurity

A force spinning round like an invisible wheel

A mutual attraction like a magnet to steel

I see a dual reality ... Don't know what is real

I feel my feet on the ground, but-its-like-I'm walking on fire

I feel a thousand mild sensations, like an electrical wire

A wonderland of images come into my mind

Like somehow before, I was totally blind


And like an angel of mercy flying on the wind

I feel the love and the freedom flow in like a stream

As light as a feather just floating in the breeze

I'm in a land of wonder and I'm wandering in

... I hear the voices are calling me

from the world left behind

Everybody – wants – to – go to Alice's World

But they can't make the distance; keep falling to the dirt

Come let's leave this place behind

Come with me and we shall fly ____ high ____ I ___

Won't leave 'till you're by my side

You and I in Alice's mind

Wo oh oh oh oh, Wo oh Wo oh oh, Wo oh oh oh oh-oh-oh

Me and you in Alice's World