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Angel Said - V0
Member: William Mckechnie
Words: William Mckechnie

William Mckechnie

Angel Said


There’s a star shining bright

In the night sky

I am wondering if it is you?

The Lord called your name

So the Angel came

There was nothing I could do


Angel Said “For you to hold his hand”

He would guide you to the Promised Land


When you left

Wasn’t your time to go?

But I couldn’t stop you from dying

When I looked at your face

I could feel this empty space

But I knew that you were now flying


Angel Said, “That it was time to part”

You left me nursing this broken heart


Close my eyes

Now I can see you

I can picture you in my mind

When I look to the stars

In the night sky

I am hoping you I can find


Angel Said “Come along child with me”

Heaven now is the best place to be.


Only time

Can take my pain away

Free me from all this sorrow

You will always be there

In my heart and prayer

Who knows where I’ll be tomorrow?