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Daughter of the Sun - V0
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Daughter of the Sun (Son of the Cruel Sea)
 Ernest Samuel Llime - April 2007
 Dm Bb Gm Dm Dm Bb Gm A Dm
 Lift away, don't come near me
 Doom, gloom and evil thought
 I am alive, and celebrating,
 Lets raise a glass, and toast my love
 Dm Bb Dm Dm Gm Dm Dm Bb Dm Bb Gm Dm Gm A Dm

 Here's to you, my pretty one,
 Little sister, daughter of the sun
 For tomorrow, on my way I'll be,
 Moved by fate, and the cruel sea.
 Dm Bb Dm Dm Bb Dm Dm Gm Gm A A Gm A Dm
 {I ride the waves, I am at sea,
 just miles of rope, the boat is life for me} REPEAT
 Still you're with me my love, you are my dream
 No matter how I'm drunk, and how unclean
 Dm Bb Dm Dm Bb Dm Dm Gm Gm A A Gm A Dm

 {Let's have more wine, let's raise that glass
 Cause tomorrow, the fish may feed on us} REPEAT
 Damn it to Hell, I have no place
 Got a Jezebel, in my embrace

 Copyright © 2007 Ernest Samuel Llime. All Rights Reserved.