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 About Me
A Different Me - V0
Member: Desiree Parazine
Words: Desiree

I seem to forget all the sacrifices made
For that reason, my life remains the same.
I long for the way to freedom.
My spirit is weak.
Deliverance is what I seek.

What will it take?
How do I find a different me?
I know the steps but I am stuck in one place.
I long for your guidance and grace.

Lord, I lift my burden to you.
I have nothing else left to do.
You said, ”I will Carry you”.
I trust in that truth.

I see the road before me and I am scared.
To me you say, “Do not be afraid”
“I will lift you up on wings like eagles”
I reach out for your hand .
I know you will help me stand.

I don’t fear the unknown.
for your rod and your staff, they guide me.
I will follow you all the days of my life