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Ceremony II - V0
Member: Cindi.Giggles
Words: Cindi Goodeaux

His sad, azure eyes cast a long, longing glance
in the direction of the happy brunette.
She stood, in all her glory, complete
with crown and wedding attire.
Her locks framed her beautiful face,
a maze of curls his fingers missed the feel of.
The way her eyes sparkled in the lunar glow,
her red lips, and soft shoulders bared.
It was all too much for his broken heart to behold.
He looked away quickly, giving over to the images
flooding his memory and affecting his sight.
The second he saw her, he knew she must be his.
The second he saw her, he began the plan to win her heart.
They'd shared so many stolen moments
A kiss, whispers, embraces
and yet...
there she was at the side of her soon to be husband,
one of acceptable social position.
The one her family selected,
succumbing to the obligation her station dictates.
He couldn't hear the vows from where he sat,
nor did he want to.
Did she ever truly love him?
Did she even recall their days together?
How would his heart ever forget her?
He was so lost in thought,
he almost missed it -
she turned in his direction.
'I can't', she said, 'I just...can't'
Gasps and screams came from the crowd.
The queen looked as if she would faint
as the bride ran from the groom,
her gown flowing behind her
almost in slow motion.
The only sound he heard were her sobs.
Silence now held the room.
Resisting his heart no longer,
he stood to follow...