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Bonding All the Way - V0
Member: William Mckechnie
Words: William Mckechnie

Did you go to see the Dr?

No I don’t think he is nice,

My motto live and let die

They say you only live twice.


Though tomorrow never dies

So you can die another day,

Diamonds are forever but

A view to a kill hooray.


From Russia with love

Licence to kill that one,

That was the spy who loved me

The man with the golden gun.


Now this for your eyes-only

This poem on Bond from me,

On her Majesty’s secret service

With once only George Lazenby.


Whilst Connery’s big Goldfinger

Stood out from other men,

He beat the living daylights

But never say never again.


Three takes on Casino royale

First nineteen fifty four,

Sixty-seven with Niven & Sellers

But the double o seven we adore.


Daniel Craig two thousand and six

His version the best no lie,

Or what about Pierce Brosnan?

The one with the Golden eye,


Roger Moore in Moonraker

Seventy-nine you see,

Then his Octopussy

Came next in eighty-three.


The world is not enough

Keep your eye on Thunderball,

Quantum of Solace and

Latest one Skyfall.


Spymaker & golden eye

For the public he did cater,

British Author Ian Fleming

Films about the Bond creator.