Why won't you look at me

look up an' talk to me – talk

so that I can see

What you do see in me please



Lie – lie low in secrecy

Why don't you feel with me

I wish you could be me ...

I wann reach into your

My-my-my-my, my-my-my, My_________mind



Walk with me, talk to me

Say what you see in your mind



Reach out your hand to me

See what you feel in me

Touch what-you-nee. -see, how much I need you to be

Lie,-lie-,lie,-lie, li-li-liked, like___me



Come with me, Breathe with me, See with me, Feel with me

Walk with me, talk with me, Say what you mean to me

Be with me, give with me, Dig with me – lets-see what we find ....



Day___Noo_____ Mahn

Day___Noo_____ Mahn

Day___ hey___ hey___Noo_____ Mahn

Day___ hey_ hey__Noo_____ Mahn



So I reach out to the future one more time

And I can see all we leave behind

As we walk through this stronghold of the night

To find comfort, in the day, on the other side

To find love, is the way, to peace of mind

Wo___ oh ___ wo wo ____ oh ____ wo

Wo___ oh ___ wo wo ____ oh ____ wo

Wo___ oh ___ wo wo ____ oh ____ wo

To find love, is the way, to my peace of mind

Hmm _________ mm, 'in the end'