I am a person of color


not by your definition


that puts people into


acceptable receptacles


tidy little skin shade categories


your narrow world is confined


by black and white


yellow and brown




I am a person of color


not the color I wear on the outside


this temporary covering that protects


your sensitive vision


blinds your eyes to a reality


your prejudice could not process




I am a person of color


The many varied colors that flow


through me like a river overflowing


permeating from my shining soul


so many spectrums


your pupils could not process




I am a person of color


My brothers and sisters are like me


their eyes tuned into our color cornucopia


their souls abundant


with streams of beautiful brilliance


We rise above this mini minded world


Our hearts sing songs


ignorance robs you of hearing




Our hope and prayer is this:


That one day the scales that shield your eyes


The ones that segregate colors in your mind


Will melt, fall away, and disappear


And for the first time you will see us


Dancing and singing together


Our similarities, our differences


Embracing and celebrating


The same beautiful red hearts


beating as one.




Set your imprisoned soul free


And join us!