Bells over Thursby  



When  I See you, early morning

Eyes all sleepy and tired

A coffee and make up and a bag full of lives to inspire


And I'm with you on that evening

when she walks through the door

scarlet coat and smile as bright as before


So why does it matter 'bout games people play

smug, preen and power

Jeruselem's split at the end of the day


Im telling stories to my baby

and pausing outside of the door

telling cat, Bear and Pirate that some dogs do fly after all

there they go!


So how does it matter when told everyday

we're making things better

Jeruselehm's split what more can I say


And I see you on this morning

the birds play unusual games

and the bells over Thursby are ringing out once again


Lyrics by Paul Deegan 2011