Christmas Sunset

As the cold starts to set in, the Christmas season is ready to begin. We hear the birds sing their lovely song as they fly south for the whole winter long. Night falls and crickets sing, the doe and her fawn settle in their thicket and enjoy the comfort it brings. As the rains gives way to newly falling snow, tis the season for new and renewed hope. People gather in the spirit of joy and giving, with great promise, people define living. Tis the year for glory and praise; as our savor was born on this blessed day. Let the sun succumb to the night; let the stars reflect this season so bright. Like the birds, crickets and deer, let us all be an example was Christ was sent here. So this night give praise to the one who sent us his son, to be born to the earth and die in our place, let him be now our story of grace. As this Christmas sunset draws near, hold all your loved ones ever so dear and let not your hearts be heavy or tears be many, let the joy of this season bring you all much joy and years of plenty.