A Christmas Lullaby

The angels sing a glorious song

This night they sing of praise and a son

High above a star glows so bright

It is to bring peace and light.

“Tonight unto us a child is born”

As praise rang out the Sheppard’s came

To follow this star onward in the night, they fall to their knees at the glorious sight.

Here he lay, the Prince of Peace oh glorious one and what he will be.

The heavens proclaim “this child is he, the chosen Son of God and King of Kings!”

So now let our voices be raised in adoration and praise.

Let all who hear draw him near as Christ was born this day.

We celebrate such goodness and grace.

As we fall to our knees to the love he gave.

Such mercies are shown by the one who gave us life and the one who sacrifice his own.

“Glory! Glory! In the highest!” we shall sing for now and all eternity