A Heap of Broken Images

The pavements of the ‘zigzag-way-goers’
Standing still in the hot summer eve.
The Globe’s warmth becomes unbearable
Out of their pressurized breaths
The cataract in me and on your
Casual smiles-
Prevent them a day’s meal
You, the chatting beast:
Have you ever paused your Highway Journey
To count the number of children
Left unnursed
In the ‘blissful’ governance on Planet Earth
The smiles of the brunette tourist guides
Gripped down
From the tightened jaws
Held together with cultural magnitude.
Who told the outsiders are
Keeping aloof from us?
Sneezing continued for the
Last Wednesday too.
I could only stare at the juicy silence of
The strawberry eating damsel.
I am not a permanent trouble maker
Still you started pin-pointing
The Lily pots I threw away
To the dense highway of
Traffic railway station one way road.
Phone calls marred my musical nights.
On the other side
It was always the Painter and
His daughter who is dumb.
She was clipping my
Black and white photographs
On the yellowish 2002 diary.
Haven’t you told me
You got them on some compact disc?
Don’t run amidst the rain drops
Falling down with dashing noise.
Never again be kleptomaniac
To steal the hospital mom’s torn raincoat
You flew above me
In a military flight
Not wearing the Air force dress
But shouldered with your
Commander in chief’s school child.
We together in Parisian dress
Out in the pop-corn music
Guitarring with American Blues
After watching
The theatre for non violence
Is my home too distant?
The psycho therapist got down
Holding a portable micro device
Connected to the globe
To curtail my feverish temperature
Of a never ceasable ailment.