He said to her, Our love will last for ages
He said I\'ll give you all that\'s in my heart
And each night, I will write endless pages
And all of that, will only be the start

She said she loved him; she thought she wasn\'t lying
She said she couldn\'t think of life alone
And when with him, she could swear she was flying
And when without, she was as cold as stone

And so passed what seemed to him like ages
It was five weeks, and that was just the start
He wrote no less, than twenty seven pages
And there it was, all that was in his heart

She read them by a candle, nearly crying
She read each one, and then read them again
Yes, she could swear, it felt like fucking flying!
On page 11, her tear became a stain

In the morning, she met him at the station
Just like a movie, all in black and white
She had a ticket, had a destination
A suitcase, that she has packed late last night

She ran into his arms, as though from fire
He said to her \"Don\'t cry, I\'m here for you.\"
And yet she cried, and called herself a liar
He said she wasn\'t, even though he knew

A few years passed, of course she found another
All\'s forgotten, all is right again
She is a wife now, and a loving mother
And yet she kept pages one through ten