"When pain hurts to bad to feel......U know how deep love once was...... when u can find it in ur heart to move on..u find out how strong love still is"
It seems like yesterday, though time has slipped away.
Every hour grows into another day.
I miss u, baby. Why? I said why..........
Did It have to happened again?
I thought I found love and my best friend
How could I be so blind?
You didn't say goodbye.
You didnt show me a sign.
Why? Why did it happen again?
(Verse 2)
I never felt so alive.
My heart flew like a butterfly.
Now, i am left here to only cry.
Tell me, Oh, tell me Why..........
Do you know the pain you have caused?
Do you know the heart you have broken?
I see it in your eyes.
Its empy..Only lies..Thats no surprise!