"Alligator Stomp"

A southern style vacation would

do my soul some good

Just hangin' out with some

kin folk in their neck of the woods

I'll tune up my old guitar,

and jet boat through the swamp

I'm gonna raise some hell

and do the alligator stomp

I think I hear a banjo,

that's fixin' to join in

And the faint sound of a

mouth harp blowin' right

around the bend

Somebody's playin' a fiddle

now, out there on the dock

Let's all join in together,

it's the alligator stomp


Alligator stomp

Have mercy, I can't stop

Alligator stomp

Sound of the southern swamp


I might not be a bayou boy

or red neck, that's for sure

But this southern California kid

Knows how to cast a lure

I'd like to try that down

home taste of hospitality

And I'd love to see that

Rebel Flag wavin' in the breeze


This old time way of houseboat life

will surely make you smile

Just listenin' to those good old

boys playin' cajun style



J.M. Pedi

Copyrighted 8/28/2008