The mission of Songweavers® is to revolutionize the music industry. By using the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology, Songweavers® enables musicians from around the globe to create music together, without the need of physical presence in a specific location. The music creation process is detailed "on-line", which allows the general music-loving public to watch the process unfold in real time. There are no limits on the number of musicians participating in the creative process and no limits to the number of different versions of the same composition being created. This novel and unique approach will eventually change the concept of how music is created.

Songweavers® created and operates this Internet site, accessible worldwide, which facilitates the process of shared music creation between people, regardless of their physical location - basically "Open Source Music". This Internet site offers to the musicians a membership status, which enables them to access all the services provided by this site. Non-member visitors are able to visit the site, watch the creative process unfolding and access hundreds of freely downloadable songs..